Each ministry that is directly involved with Families on Mission International is committed to the beliefs and values of the organization. The Board of Directors, staff, & partners lead the organization through personal integrity and financial responsibility.

Wellspring of Life

Brent & Anne Ozanne of Greenback, TN, lead the Ministry of Cornerstone Christian Academy and Ranch in El Doradito, Honduras. Their mission is to educate and equip with the Word of God in order to transform the whole community. They are using the principles of the Word of God at the school & on the ranch, to teach the children life skills.

Sevier Heights Baptist Church

Sevier Heights is located in Knoxville, TN, seeking to reach metropolitan Knoxville and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They exist to make fully devoted followers of Christ. As a church they value truth over trends, what’s lost over what’s found, growing relationships over getting results & serving over sitting.

Calvary Road Ministries

Story ClothCalvary Road Ministries (CRM) is involved in reaching the Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is CRM’s desire to equip both volunteers and Maasai teams to use the Chronological Bible Stories (the Story Cloth) to reach the Maasai and give them a tool by which they can reach and disciple others.

God has also opened the door for CRM to use the Story Cloth to teach school children around the world about God’s redemptive plan. You can find out more by going to God is also opening the door to use the Story Cloth to reach future generations of children in Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries like Uganda, Zambia, and Belize.

Sports Reach

In a world that is becoming more resistant to traditional efforts of ministry, Sports Reach attempts to go where traditional evangelism has not been effective in reaching the unsaved. In prisons, schools, churches, local communities, and international competitions, as well as through personal testimonies, a clear gospel message is presented in a sports setting and used successfully to share Christ with an unsaved world.

Sports are a major part of our world’s culture and touch a greater segment of the population each year. Sports Reach capitalizes on this aspect of our society to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, this ministry attempts to identify those sports-minded individuals in the local church whose gifts and abilities are aimed in this same direction. We help the local church train those people to use their gifts and abilities to bring others to Christ.